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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 13, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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the galactic exclusive of the final trailer for the brand-new "star wars" movie. >> this is our chance to make a real difference. >> the new epic story of a daring mission. >> are you with me? >> your "rogue one" like you haven't seen it yet right here only on "gma." [ pl [ playing the theme to "star wars" ] we do say good morning, america. we have a brand-new "star wars" surprise this morning. the final trailer for "rogue one," the last sneak peek. >> last sneak peek and spoiler
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clock going and there's been a lot of excitement about this overnight. >> let's get that countdown clock up. there it is. all coming up but we'll begin with that avalanche of accusations against donald trump. including two women speaking out to "the new york times" detailing how they were groped by trump. his lawyers are now demanding a restrakz threatening to sue and abc's david wright starts us off with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: trump not only denies it he's demanding a retraction and threatening to sue "the tim make and libel. they're decades old but they're coming forward now because trump claimed at the debate on sunday he had never sexually assaulted women. >> he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. >> reporter: jessica leeds told "the new york times" trump assaulted her more than three decades ago on a plane after she was upgraded to first class on a business trip. >> i sat down next to a young
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introduced himself as donald trump. >> reporter: she told the paper the two exchanged pleasantries at first. she said he asked if she was married. she said she was divorced. >> it wasn't until they cleared the meal that somehow or another the armrest in the seat disappeared when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my face. if he had stuck with the upper part of the have gotten that upset. when he started putting his hand up my skirt and that was it. that was it. i -- i was out of there. i got my purse and i said, i'm going back to my seat in coach. i was so glad to get back to that seat. >> reporter: the trump campaign dismisses the allegations as fiction. for "the new york times" to launch a completely false, coordinated character
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dangerous. to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump, trivialized sexual assault and it sets a new low for where the media is willing to go in its efforts to determine this election." >> we're not electing a pastor. we're electing a president. >> reporter: the story comes after trump's lewd comments to billy bush on the "access hollywood" bus 15 years ago. >> and when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. can you do anything. >> at sunday's debate trump excused that as locker room talk. >> frankly, you hear these things that are said and i was embarrassed by it but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done those things. >> and women have respect for me and i will tell you, no, i have not. >> reporter: but another woman rachel crooks an adviser at bowling green state university told "the times" in 2005 when she was a 22-year-old secretary
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and introduced herself. she told the paper that when they shook hands he didn't let go. that he kissed her on the cheeks and then on the mouth. it was so inappropriate, she said, i was so upset that he thought i was so insignificant that he could do that. both women now support hillary clinton for president. neither of them filed formal complaints against trump at the time. both say they felt powerless to challenge him. >> during the late '60 and into the '80s, culture had instilled in us that somehow it was our fault. >> reporter: and you should know we did ask the trump campaign to come on this morning. they chose not to but, david, the trump campaign now saying they'll sue "the new york times." but "the times" not the only publication out there publishing accounts from his accusers. >> that's right. there is a succession of women, "the palm beach post." a succession of beauty queen, so far it's all she said/he said,
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and trump denies them all. >> david wright, thanks very much. >> all right. out there on the campaign trail as we know there are only 28 days until the election and it is heating up. abc's tom llamas is there in vero beach, florida, and, tom, trump is also making a big change to his campaign strategy this morning, isn't he? >> reporter: robin, good morning. you're right. there is a major development this morning, sources tell us the trump campaign is pulling out of the important state of virginia and reallocating reso states like florida where we are this morning and this comes at a critical time for the campaign. as donald trump faces troubling headlines over his behavior with women, he's amping up his attacks on hillary clinton. >> she has to go to jail. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed unshackled trump sending his base into a feeding frenzy over those hacked e-mails. >> the wikileaks e-mails show that hillary clinton's staff even has to give her secret
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smile. smile, hillary. smile. >> reporter: and trump still talking about that last debate and this memorable moment when he hovered behind clinton on stage. >> believe me, the last space that i want to invade is her space. believe me. >> reporter: the republican nominee also still bashing gop leaders, furious with speaker paul ryan for not calling him after the debate. >> you'd think that they'd say great going, don. let's go. let's beat thissing kroog. she is a crook. let's beat her. we got to stop it. no, he doesn't do that. that's a whole sinister deal going on. >> reporter: but the clinton campaign facing their own distracts. >> the base is what i grew up in, you know, i'm basically your standard redneck. >> reporter: former president bill clinton calling himself a redneck. critics saying he was labeling trump voters the same way. clinton denying it.
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a lot of us take a lot of pride in it including me. i'm not ashamed of it. >> reporter: now back to those wikileaks, clinton campaign chairman john podesta is having a very long week. his e-mails were hacked and then this happened. let's put it up on the screen right now a tweet from his account that said, quote, i have a switched teams. vote trump 2016. the clinton campaign confirming that overnight john podesta's twitter account has also been hacked. george. >>ing 0, tom, let's talk about this matthew dowd and cokie roberts. let's begin with accusers coming forward on trump 26 days to go right now. his team defiant, threatening to sue "the new york times," maybe these other publications r as well but there are a lot of denials now to make. >> it's a argument of he said/she said is accurate. he said he did it and they said they agreed with him actually and said, yes, he did do it and testified to the truth of the statement in this. to me this is -- the problem for
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is here's a guy that wants to protect our borders but has no problem violating people's personal boundaries and most of these women that always come forward have nothing to to gain other than telling the truth against somebody who has a classic case of intimidation. >> one of the questions what does he have to gain to go scorched earth against the accusers? supply think he also -- has no other choice and i think this is his modus operandi. he goes full force. he threatens to sue. had not heard his voice saying i just can't help myself, i start kissing these people, it might be different but we've heard him say that and so to hear -- to have these women say that it happened is not exactly surprising and the republican leadership, george, i mean, what were they thinking? as they allowed this to go forward. >> that's going to be a big question, matthew dowd. one thing you saw after the tape came out friday a lot of republicans disavowed donald trump. they start -- some start to come
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the debate but now his campaign is a downward spiral. you saw tom about there he's pulling out of the state of virginia. hillary clinton now ahead pretty clearly in states totalally more than 270 electoral votes. >> as we talked sunday this is akin to tiger woods hitting the fire hydrant and everything after this moment he'll be downhill on this. his chances before this came out yesterday were slim to none. slim is packing his bags and leaving town and in this case, he has a to win. i think it's almost impossible with where the numbers are. the fat lady is warming her voice, she's on stage, been introduced. she's just about ready to sing. >> it could be an awful 3 1/2 weeks ahead for the american people and for us to watch what is likely to come forward for the next three weeks. >> he does need to get the unshackled donald is not a good donald. shackled is probably better. >> that leads to the question next wednesday supposed to be the third debate.
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question. he's not got seven days he has to handle it. my expectation this won't be the end of this story, just the beginning of the story and what does he do? does he have to again say deny that in the course of the debate where 50 million people watch. they're in a difficult spot. >> meanwhile, the russians are hacking away and trying to influence our election. >> we're going to see more of those leak, as well. cokie roberts, matt dowd, thanks very much. next and final presidential debate scheduled for next wednesday right here on abc. i'll anchor our live coverage starting at 9 eastern. >> michael. thank you, george. the other huge headline is hurricane nicole. it's a category 4 storm and take a look at it from space. it's aiming right for bermuda and, ginger, you and i were talking and said the eye is big enough to cover the entire island of bermuda. >> that's how big. the island of bermuda, 22 miles across and look at this. you can see the eye approaching. if i'm waking up in bermuda and this is 60 miles south-southwest of me, i am frightened.
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the waves are kicking up. you can see storm surge 6 to 8 feet and rainfall 5 to 8 inches. that's without the wind. of course, just to give you perspective where bermuda is and where the storm is it's about 600 plus miles away from the north carolina coast and it's headed north-northeast. 130-mile-per-hour max sustained winds at this time even if it goes down to 120 it doesn't matter. the good news the next four to six hours is crucial for bermuda but then it's out. >> all right, thank you, ginger. this morning, massive cleanup efforts under way from hurricane matthew. take a look at south carolina. properties buried beneath feet of sand, look at these before and after photos. kitty hawk, north carolina, showing the devastation there. abc's phillip mena is on the ground in lumberton, for us. >> robin, good morning. we are in the hardest hit neighborhood in the hardest hit
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rescue crews are using these green tags making sure that everybody has gotten out just in time. this morning, the governor of north carolina urging thousands more to evacuate. telling residents the sky may be blue, but the danger from hurricane matthew far from over. >> everything is underwater. >> reporter: up to 18 inches of rain fell in the eastern part of the state. that rain plus runoff from the rivers now rushing toward the coast. >> try to get out as soon as we could. >> just i think about the people. >> reporter: stretches of i-95 and i-40 remain closed to traffic. >> i was scared. i was petrified. i was thinking of my kids. >> reporter: david feldman was driving from florida to new york when they detoured through lumberton. >> end up in the middle of this lake. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: he escaped but his wife of 30 year, one of the many still missing in these murky waters. the estimated cost of the damage
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$10 billion. >> this is farmland down here. this is absolutely devastating for -- >> reporter: the flooding across the state continues. many rivers expected to crest this weekend. crews working to shore up dams. >> this water is deadly. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods under water. some homes only reachable by boat. many left with nothing. >> we lost everything. no clothe, no food, no nothing. >> reporter: nearly 4,000 people in shelters this others homeless or even living in their vehicles. george. >> such a tough situation, okay, phillip, thanks very much. we move on to breaking news overseas. a u.s. warship launched cruise missiles in yemen overnight retaliating for two missile attacks against an american ship and our chief political affairs correspondent martha raddatz tracking the latest from washington. this is the first direct u.s. military intervention in that country's civil war. >> yes, it is, george. but also the first time in recent memory an american
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by cruise missiles. the retaliation came swiftly. overnight a u.s. destroyer launched tomahawk missiles at three radar sites inside yemen, radar sites active earlier in the week when another destroyer, the "uss mason" was targeted twice by a yemeni rebel group and used countermeasures to protect the ship but if it had been hit, george, it could have been catastrophic. robin and george. >> no question about that. >> thank you, morning about air bags that could be in some 8 million vehicles as federal regulators accuse an american company of stonewalling their investigation into a deadly car crash. abc's gio benitez has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning a search for some 8 million potentially exploding air bags on the road right now. the national highway traffic safety administration investigating several reported incidents of exploding air bags including one that killed a
7:15 am
nhtsa says the company that manufactured those air bag, arc automotive out of tennessee, has failed to report crash info and test results as part of this investigation. the agency posting a letter they sent to the company last week raising serious questions regarding the quality and integrity of arc's air bag inflators. abc news reached out to arc automotive for comment but didn't receive a response. >> since 2014 more than 100 million recalled worldwide after the japanese company's air bags were linked to multiple injuries and deaths. the air bags being investigated now are believed to be an older general motors fiat chrysler hyundai and diya cars. officials telling abc news overnight, they don't know which specific models are affected but they say the incidents include a 2002 chrysler town and country, a 2004 kia optima and a 2009
7:16 am
that are ultimately responsible. >> the company arc automotive have not returned our calls for comments but others are cooperating and voluntarily turned a lot of this information over, robin, no doubt, this is an important search. >> no doubt. you're right, thank you. to amy for the morning's other top headlines starting with breaking news in boston. >> two boston police officers are now in critical condition after they were shot while respon dispute. witnesses report more than 30 gunshots. other officers rushed in killing the suspect. they say that suspect had an assault rifle and a bulletproof vest. breaking news from oversea, 21 schoolgirls kidnapped by islamic militants in nigeria have been freed after negotiations organized in part by the red cross. back in 2014 more than 270 were kidnapped. nearly 200 remain missing. well, the ceo of wells fargo
7:17 am
john stumpf resign after the bank was caught opening phony accounts without customers' permission then charging fees. stumpf walks away with an estimated $134 million pay package. and finally a stunning debut for a young man playing his very first game in the national hockey league with his parents looking on 19-year-old auston matthews scored not once, not twice, but four times during his opening night with the maple leafs. that is a record for a rookie. look at that. moved to tears in the stands. unfortunatelily, there might have been a real reason to cry. see, her son was the only one on the team who scored. so those four goal, yeah, they lost 5-4. >> oh, my gosh. >> hate to be a debbie downer. >> wah-wah. >> the bearer of bad news at the end there. >> don't kill the messenger. >> we don't want to kill ginger either. you got more strong storms. >> i do and the strong storms
7:18 am
indiana, damaging winds with the front but the next ones we'll be talking about in the pacific northwest today and saturday, big-time wind and rain alerts. all right. let's get to the warm cities
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coming up coming up new clues mysterious plane crash, an aircraft plunging on to a main street killing the passenger. why the fbi is saying it was intentional. we've got a "star wars" exclusive. your first look at the new trailer for "rogue one," that is coming up right here on "gma."
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good morning from the weather center. mainly in the 70s. still upper 60s out there but we've gotten rid of that cool the workweek with. i don't see it returning any time soon. titan doppler radar pretty quiet now. nothing doing. but eventually we'll get into a few isolated showers with the northeast wind that will also bring scattered clouds today but a lot of dry air up above. so anything that tries to get going as far as showers will be limited and doesn't have much moisture to work with. as far as temperatures, these will be high as well. mid to upper 80s. it will feel like it's in the 90s once again. so we're going backward here with more humidity on the way.
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be 85. we'll cheat a few degrees, through friday, heading into the weekend. rain chances right at 20%. so still low and still plenty of sun. i think both weekend days if you have outdoor plans the only thing is the humidity still out there. not oppressive but you'll feel
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? ? okay, that's at old "star wars" trailer but there is a lot of buzz building for the new one, "rogue one," debut of that new trailer showing a brand-new chapter in the story. >> people are looking at the poster. >> people are counting down. >> but clues will be revealed. also right now donald trump under fire following new sexual harassment accusations. the republican candidate threatening to sue "the new york times" for publishing that report from two women and demanding a retraction and
7:30 am
storm. bigger than the island itself. it could become the strongest hurricane to ever hit that island. and some great news that just came in. bob dylan has won the nobel prize for literature. yes, the rock -- yes, the rock legend awarded for having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. >> that's breaking news. >> this never happened before, a songwriter. i don't think it has. >> i don't think be bob dylan. that deadly plane crash in connecticut. the fbi saying it was intentional. linzie janis is on the scene and, linzie, they're still looking for a motive this morning. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, george. still a lot of mystery surrounding what happened in that cockpit that caused tra plane to come crashing down in main street in the middle of the day. there are now reports of a physical struggle between the two occupants for control of the plane. those two occupants a flight
7:31 am
this morning, authorities say the small plane that exploded into this giant fireball on a busy street was deliberately crashed. >> information indicates that this plane crash was intentional. >> reporter: the twin engine aircraft carrying a flight instructor and his student smashing into utility poles in east hartford tuesday afternoon coming within inches of this minivan. a mother and her three daughters inside. >> as soon as it hit the first telephone pole, into flames relationship the instructor 43-year-old arian prevalla crawl prevalla crawling out. >> he received some response and was able to be treated by our . paramedics. >> reporter: but prevalla telling authorities it was not an accident suffering serious burns and reportedly telling officials his student who died in the crash was disgruntled about learning to be a pilot.
7:32 am
jordan jane national who obtained a visa to attend flight school in a nearby hartford airport. >> he would come from jordan directly to the flight school and his dad continued to make money for him to attend the school. >> reporter: the fbi now leading the investigation into the crash. investigators questioning the owner of this home in orlando hills, illinois, who police believe allowed freitekh to use purposes. this morning, there are reports that freitekh may have been stressed about his performance at flight school and may have wanted to end his life and investigators have searched a home where he was staying here in connecticut and reportedly found no signs of terrorism. robin. >> all right, linzie, thank you. new developments in that hot car trial where the jury was shown footage of the father and the son's final moments together before the 2-year-old suffocated
7:33 am
latest. joins us this morning from atlanta. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. prosecutors are now using video trying to convince jurors there's no way this father could have reasonably left his son in the backseat of his hot suv. for the first time we're seeing pictures of justin ross harris and his 22-month-old son cooper shortly before the boy died in the heat outside his father's atlanta office in this silver suv. in video from security cameras played in court, the charged with murdering his son is seen carrying the boy and shaking the restaurant manager's hand, nothing at all seems wrong. >> i just hey, good morning, guys and i said, who is this little guy and it was cooper so i waved to cooper and i said, hey, coop and just small pleasantries for 30 seconds and then after that i -- they went to sit down. >> reporter: after they left the restaurant harris should have driven down the street five minutes to a day care to drop
7:34 am
three minutes in the other direction to his office with the child still strapped in back. prosecutors say they don't understand how he could forget about his son so quickly. the boy died after more than seven hours in the suv on a hot summer day. they showed the brightly colored child car seat to jurors. >> could you see that red car seat looking into the vehicle from the door? >> yes, i could. >> reporter: and they shared video from inside the car to show how close the child was sitting to his father. >> that seat was from the driver's seat. >> that is correct. >> reporter: prosecutors say while his son was dying in the parking lot, harris was in his office sending lewd pictures to women who weren't his wife. harris is pleading not guilty saying it was all a terrible accident and now his ex-wife is expected to testify that she too believes the boy's death was accidental. harris faces life in prison if convicted on the murder charge. since his arrest dozens of other parents across the country have
7:35 am
left them in a hot car. robin. >> yes, they have, steve. thank you. michael. what's coming up? >> we have a lot coming up on the big board, robin. in two minutes russia firing back. their angry response to accusations they're meddling in the u.s. election process and what everybody has been waiting for. counting down to your world exclusive look at the new "star wars" movie. it's just moments away. the clock is ticking. campbell's one dish recipes.
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we're adjusting seats trying to make sure, all right. uh-huh. all right. here we go. welcome back. time for our big board and our team of insiders standing by live for more on the morning's top stories. rebecca jarvis, your chair is perfect. she's here at the table and have yours in a moment. looking good. let's start with rising tension between the u.s. and russia. according to u.s. officials, the fbi now believes russian intelligence agencies are behind the recent hacking of a
7:38 am
abc's alex marquardt joins us now, and, alec, this comes on the heels of the russians including president putin not exactly denying that they are behind this. what's the latest? >> good morning, robin. russia is suspect number one behind the hacks of the dnc, the e-mail account of hillary clinton's campaign chairman and now a contractor in florida that handles voter data. president putin was asked about it yesterday and said it isn't in russia's interesting and the russian foreign continue minister said we don't deny it but you haven't proven it and went a step further sfler a lot says we haven't seen tension like this with russia since the cold war. how stranged is our relationship with russia right now? >> michael n. a word they're abysmal. without a doubt the lowest point since the cold war and now talk of a new one. russia and the u.s. on opposite sides of the war in syria where russia is threatening to shoot
7:39 am
u.s. and then that meddling in the u.s. elections. what's scary in russia we're seeing the tv networks stirring up fears of a possible nuclear war. they just carried out a huge drill and moved missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. very worrying situation. >> absolutely. you got that right. >> thank you, alex. now to a major announcement from the world's largest travel site. you've seen the photos people posing with zebras and more where there is close contact with certain animals. wildlife expert ron magill is joining us now. simple question. how big of a deal is this to ban this type of travel? >> it's a huge deal, michael, because what what they're doing is establish between accredited facility, zoos and roadside attracti attractioned. to take pictures with animals, they are often pulled from their mothers when they're babies and hand raised. strictly to make a buck.
7:40 am
with it becomes an adult it usually ends up in the wrong hands on a hunting ranch someplace or as a pet. >> a lot of people agree with you, ron. always great to have your insight and perspective on things. do you think other travel sites will follow suit, ron? >> i'm hoping so. the bottom line, the fact they're doing this and the fact i'm speaking to you this morning is helping to educate people. i don't think people go to those attractions knowing they're doing damage by soliciting this type of experience but by you that they're being pulled from their mothers and used for all the wrong reasons hopefully that shows it. >> is this dangerous also? it looks dangerous? >> absolutely it is dangerous. so many incidences where people have been bitten, scratched, god forbid, something worse. these are wild animals and never should be pulled from their mothers. you take an animal out of the wild, you cannot take the wild
7:41 am
they sake selfies and turing their backs to some of these animals. >> we're in this society where social media, everybody wants to do something different. people have to get common sense back. >> that's right. >> i know people i don't turn my back on. >> thank you, rob. now to big news for abercrombie & fitch. we saw seth rogen and zac efron poke fun at the story's iconic male model >> abercrombie & fitch. >> we're a great team. >> thanks. >> you make the store more approachable. >> what does that mean? >> i -- it's like -- you make -- >> more obtainable goal. >> like the relaxed fit. >> the relaxed fit. >> any excuse to show that what's behind that. >> abercrombie & fitch wants you to think of them as the opposite
7:42 am
be known as inclusive but not exclusive but authentic, happy, optimistic retailer. if you take a look at the side-by-side images their new ads and take a look at these new ads. that's the old one. now here's the new one. if you'll notice, the new has a lieutenant more clothes on, as well. >> do you think the shirt on strategy is going to help? >> after all they are a clothing company. so it does help to show the clothing in the commercials. i guess i would put it like this. if started to smile would she be a nice girl all of a sudden? the reality, retailers have to be authentic and have to live up to stand darsd. iffer they're going to be inclusive they have to be that 100% with who they hire. with the sizing. with all of it. they say they're rolling out this entirely new thing and you'll see commercials from them and that could help them. >> scrubbed all the old --
7:43 am
blank. >> why do you think they're doing this now? >> because their sales have suffered. and it is a time where millennials want the authentic experience and want the real thing. they don't necessarily -- i applaud that. i think that's great. people want the authentic real inclusive thing. >> i'll tell you right now since we can wear our shirts and do ads for them, we're throwing our hats hats in. ron, alec, thank you, as well. get the popcorn ready, everybody. all you "star wars" fans out there, the time has finally arrived and just two minutes we're giving you an exclusive first look at the new trailer for "rogue one: a star wars story." >> we really do have popcorn upstairs. >> yes, we do and i'm going to eat it.
7:44 am
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7:46 am
wars story," the epic adventure about unlikely heroes banding together to steal plans for the death star. here s. i love this, the world premiere exclusive first look. >> oh, my gosh. >> >> jyn, what can i do? i do it to protect you. say you understand. >> i understand. ? ? >> >> rebellion is all that remains to push back the empire. you think you might be able to help us.
7:47 am
were in contact with your father? >> what is this? >> it appears he's critical to the development of the secret weapon. >> if my father built this thing we need to find him. >> all right. how many do i need? >> they are requesting a call sign. it's rogue, rogue one. >> the power that we are dealing >> if the empire has this kind of power what chance do we have? >> we have h >> we have hope. rye bell yons are built on hope. ? they have no idea we're coming. >> take hold of this moment.
7:48 am
make ten men feel like a hundred. >> we'll take the next chance. and the next. you're rebels. you're rebels. >> save the rebellion. save the dream. ? ? >> >> ooh. >> darth vader is back. that's exciting. >> i've never heard this studio quieter. it was so quiet in here. everybody staring at the screen? i'm sure that's what everyone at home was doing as well. >> gives you the chills. december 16th. i'm all in. >> so much there, you know. >> a lot. >> a lot. >> answer a lot of questions. >> i don't know about you but my mind is racing. >> this is not a prequel but
7:49 am
and it's supposed to happen before that first "star wars" back in 1977 so it's going to be very exciting. >> all the back story there from amy. "rogue one: a star wars story" opens nationwide on december 16th. >> we'll have more on the new informant just ahead. i'm not kidding. we really have popcorn upstairs. also coming up, it's thursday. friday eve, big "deals & steals" and plus the man, the man behind "hamilton," the great lin-manuel miranda >> we'll have to sing the rest of the newscast because he's here. >> rap. >> let's rap it. >> you can do that, michael. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms
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the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections... ...including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,... including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,... ...and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,... ...hepatitis b, are prone to infections, ...or have flu-like symptoms or sores. if you're still just managing your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira.
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? ? ? ?
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7:53 am
just coming in. you have to see this out of bermuda as hurricane nicole approaches. they're already seeing tropical storm-force wind, heavy rain. could see 5 to 8 inches. look how close we are, a couple hours before this makes landfall or passes right by. either way it's not going to be great for bermuda. hurricane-force winds you can't
7:54 am
"good morning america" is
7:55 am
good thursday morning. 7:56. i'm dan shaffer. major development to tell you about expected today in a 7- year-old pasc investigation. it was in 2009 a gruesome discovery made in the woods near the flea market in port richey. a team of investigators identified the victim. we are told the victim had been murdered and burned. today authorities could release information on a potential suspect. janelle has major problems on i-4. >> we have some major crashes on i-4 causing some pretty big backups. you might want to consider using an alternate. we have one at alexander
7:56 am
the side. and another one in the clearing stages around park road, you can see what is left of it there. a couple of fender-benders on i- 4 as well. all causing a mess. take a look at the backup, extends way beyond branch forbes road. you may consider u.s. 92, that gets slow but it's quicker now than i-4. you can also try mlk if you want to head further south. also seeing delays across the bridges. captain al is flying over a crash under the selmon expressway. >> reporter: good morning. another mess literally, dumped its load under there. this dump truck was making a lefthand turn, got hit by another vehicle, northbound 50th street and 41 closed under the selmon. they are turning you around at palm river but don't go that far. causeway boulevard either direction has a workaround.
7:57 am
and now we've gotten rid of the certainly low to mid-60s. more humid, warmer and still some scours for today. very limited -- scattered showers for today. very limited, moisture to work with but a few isolated showers passing through. 10% to 20% coverage. that is the case through the end of the week. that 87 now with more humidity will feel a little warmer certainly through the afternoon pushing 90 with the heat index, not far from the actual temperature. through the weekend looks great, a lot of sunshine, saturday and sunday, plan a beach day. it will feel like it, highs in
7:58 am
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